how to fix a broken marriage

He works my nerves!! But…. I just can’t let him go…

It should have been like a fairy tale. And sometimes, it is- an enchanted love that lets you soar over the bumps of life. Sometimes it’s like destiny, just like magic.

But then the drama sets in , and you can’t seem to even understand each other, much less love one another. The trust has been broken, the communication is lost, the affection is lacking, and you don’t feel appreciated. You’re fed up with trying and failing to get any real, lasting results.[activecampaign form=10]

The good news is, this is NOT a permanent, incurable situation. As a matter of fact, your situation is shared by many women all over the world, and from here, you can start learning the secrets of making things change. You CAN get the love and trust back. You CAN revive the communication, re-spark the passion and create a relationship where you both truly feel known and appreciated for who you are and what you bring to the table.

When your heart says “stay”…. 

It’s so hard to deny the call. You’re tired, you’re frustrated, and sometimes you’d like to do him harm, but deep down, you know what I know about your love.  You have a love worth keeping.  You have something that once made you feel more special and loved than anything you’ve ever experienced, and you want it back.  Now.

Here with Love Worth Keeping Relationship Coaching, you can shed the shame of the past failures and learn to be ok with the fact you can’t let him go. If this is the man you love, who you know is supposed to be your mate and your blessing, you shouldn’t HAVE to let him go. You should be able to embrace him fully so you can learn and grow together. Forget about your friends who tell you what they wouldn’t do, and all the bad models of grownup relationships you’ve seen so far. You’re tired of getting bad advice that does nothing but make the situation worse.

This is an individual love, a powerful love that makes you more powerful, and you CAN make it last and make it stronger. You can’t change what happened in the past; you CAN stop carrying the baggage of it around with you, weighing you down. You CAN get more love, respect, understanding and passion than you even had before, or ever expected to receive. You CAN cause him to change his ways, even the his worst habits and traits. It’s not “easy” but nothing worth it is ever easy.

And the best part?

You don’t even NEED him to participate to start changing everything! You’re a woman, a life-giver, a healer, a force for change in the universe! He doesn’t stand a chance once you know some of the secrets to a happy, healthy, fun, committed relationship.

So what’s the first step?

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Coach Dasha