Hi! I’m NaDasha Elkerson, Relationship Coach and Commitment Specialist- but you can call me Dasha (just like Tasha but with a “D”!)  Thank you for visiting my website!

Let me tell you a little about how I’m trying to change the world through love and why, if you’re in a relationship you’d like to see go the distance and blossom, I’m the woman you want to talk to!

I help women in love shape their love lives into romances better than fairy tales!  (Don’t get me started on Fairy Tales!)

I give advice to all couples but my advice is aimed at those who are serious about continuing a real life, long term, committed relationship.

After the first year, things get more complicated. I know how to navigate the changes that lead from first love to the deep attachment you dream about, the closeness you’re longing for…  The kind where you NEVER have to worry about if you’re loved and appreciated, where you feel connected and communicate with ease, where you are assured of your spot as the Queen of your Beloved’s heart.

See, here’s what I believe.

#1. I’m a feminist.  I believe with all my heart that women should be able to “have it all”.  I believe you deserve to have a life and a career that’s all your own, AND get to share a life and love with the person you choose, if you choose.

And I don’t believe you need any help to start making things change for the better immediately, even if your Boo has no idea that’s the plan!  You, as the Wifey of this situation, have more power than you can imagine.  You should have all the love you can imagine to match.

#2.  I believe that love should be breathtaking, letting you experience real vulnerability, openness and happiness.

I also believe that YOU have everything you need to inspire your Boo to give you that type of love.  I believe there is nothing in the world they would like better than to please you and help in your transition to a sharper, stronger, fiercer woman.

#3.  I believe you DIDN’T make a mistake with who you gave your heart to.  I have faith in your feelings, in who you chose to be your partner.  I know they mess up, but I’m not going to be the one to tell you to bail out and leave them behind just because they’re human.

And I believe that’s what you want.  Someone to tell you that this love IS worth keeping in your heart.  I can help you figure out how to inspire them to stop making the same DUMB mistakes that make you feel unloved.  I can give you the tips that will make them eager to straighten up and give you all the love you deserve by introducing them to love they’ve never experienced before.

You are the architect of this relationship. You shape it into what it will be and no one can stop you with the right knowledge and tools. I have those tools.


#4.  I believe you need a fresh perspective on men, relationships and marriage.  The way you’ve been doing it- and the way everyone has been TELLING you to do it- isn’t working right?  Every time you think you have a plan to go forward, the same things keep happening over and over and you’re frustrated, annoyed and feeling unloved.

   I know how to break that cycle, but it’s going to require a change on your part.  That’s ok though.  My mother was fond of saying “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.”  You want a change in your life, so that always starts with a change in you.

I truly believe that love will change the world if some of us could just change our minds! My boo surprises me almost daily with something I had never realized I wanted before, & provides just about all that girly stuff I crave (little kisses on the back of my shoulder, holding my hand, calling me!) WITHIN REASON. All I had to do was adjust my attitude a little. He was always willing, I just had to receive it.

I care if you’re happy, fulfilled, and receiving the love you want.  It’s my mission in life to get women to feeling happy and loved well.  This is my part in changing the world for the better and I see every couple I help as an important part of that mission.

…But I can pretty much guarantee I will say things that you don’t understand or that frustrate you, or even make you mad.

I can also guarantee every word you will see from me will be all about getting what YOU want from this relationship.  You love him, so I love him right along with you.  I’ll encourage you to give way more than you’ll think you can handle but it will improve your life, and give you the love you’ve been waiting for.

Yes, you have problems, but you have the exact same problems as the successfully and happily married.  We just know a few secrets you don’t and I’m willing to share!  You are not alone and there is a way to get what you need from your most meaningful relationship.

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